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Mandy + Mike | 07 09 11

Mandy + Mike | 07 09 11

I first met Mandy and Mike while buying a few boxes of beer (not all at once) at the Beer Store that they worked at together.

Knowing them before helped get me the photos that otherwise I may have missed. Not knowing how Mandy reacted with Mike and how Mike reacted with Mandy I may have missed those tiny details that make certain photos for them more memorable. Getting to know them and them getting to know me and knowing how each of them respond to one another is a big factor on how a lot of my photos begin. And this is the main reason why photographing a couples engagements or pre-wedding e-session is high on my list when asked about adding engagements to their package.

I’ve always thought knowing what’s going to happen before it actually does is essential in what I do. As to only watch what is happening, the moment is then lost and passed. I strive to not miss the tiny moments in between the things that are actually taking place. I think I achieve this for every couple, past, present and for Mandy and Mike.

Thanks guys for letting me be apart of your fab day!