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Mt Kilimanjaro – Day 3

Mt Kilimanjaro – Day 3

Our third day of hiking started off with a sunrise everyone should see once in their lifetime. High above the clouds, the air was crisp and our muscles sore.

Our altitude gain was the highest before our push to the summit on the evening of Day 5. we went to just over 4600m which was at the Lava Tower. This was our longest “day” at 8 hours of hiking to our next camp. A few of the team were feeling rough as the altitude gain was affecting them hard. But thankfully we dropped back down 3900m. Which we all benefited from.

This was the longest in distance we hiked with the weather changing constantly ending in a beautiful sunset on the summit of Kili.

DAY 3; Machame Route, 4600m (approx) highest – 3900m at camp, 8.5 hrs of hiking