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2017 Year in Review – wedding edition; Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer

2017 Year in Review – wedding edition; Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer


It has been a one of the best years for me professionally. I want to again thank and congratulate all my clients this year for trusting in me, my vision and mostly my creativity.

I absolutely love photographing a wedding. All the challenges it brings, both personally and professionally. The best is the artistic freedom that my clients give me! THANK YOU!  To all that have enjoyed and grown to love my style over the years – THANK YOU!

I will continue to become better and better, learning as I grow for all my 2018 clients and beyond.

Here’s to the new year and what it might bring to everyone. Cheers and enjoy some of my favourites from this past year of 2017



THANKS to all the vendors who helped bring my art to life!!! Love and happiness to all!

Wedding Reception – Caboto Club
Florist – Forget Me Not Flower Boutique
Bridal Salon Wedding Dress – It’s Your Day Bridal
Bridal Salon Bridesmaid Dresses – Bella Bridal
DJs – Spidalieri Entertainment Group (Franks Disc Jockey Service)
Invitation/Paper goods – Vistaprint
Wedding cupcake/cake – Sweet Revenge Bake Shop
Bands – People’s Jewellers
Favors – The Wedding Shoppe Canada
Transportation – Butterfield Limo
Menswear – Freeds of Windsor
Decorator – BR Guest (Julie Bonello)
Late night pizza – Franco’s Pizzeria
DJs – Joe Faubert
Hair Stylist/Salon – The hair lounge
Make-up Artists – Felicity
Officiants – Rev. Robin Sherman
Favors – Donation to Autism Services Inc
Menswear – Moore’s
Guest Accommodations – Days Inn Leamington
Shoes – David’s Bridal

venue – The City Grill

Wedding Venue – Windsor yacht club
DJs – dj Dwaine Iler
Hair Stylist– michelle elysse
Make-up Artists – rolla
Wedding cake – Sample’s cakes
Bands –People’s
Officiants – Joe MacParland
Groomswear – Collins
Decorator – Gails flowers and event decor

Wedding Venue – Canadian Club Heritage Brand Centre | St. Clair Centre for the Arts
Florist – Anything & Everything
DJs – DJ Victorious
Videographer – Twisted Anchor Productions
Invitation/Paper goods – me, my company Avenue16
Hair Stylist/Salon – Salon Privé
Caterers – St. Clair Centre for the Arts
Wedding cake – Cakes by Candus
Jewelry – Ritani
Michael Kors
Bands – Ambiance Ensembles (Chris LaJoie)
Officiants – Vera Oglan
Favors – Donation to The Canadian Kidney Foundation & Transition to Betterness
Transportation – Butterfield
Menswear – Collins
Guest Accommodations – Best Western Plus Waterfront
Lighting – DJ Victorious
Decorator – Anything & Everything

Wedding Venue – St Angela’s
Bridal Salon – Bridal Couture
DJs – Christopher Tuer at Sounds Plus
Make-up Artists – Glow Makeup Studio
Caterers – St Angela’s
Wedding cake – Klueless Cupcakes
Bands – Tacori
Favors – Humane Society
Transportation – Switzer Carty
Menswear – Hugo Boss (groom), Freed’s
Guest Accommodations – Best Western Waterfront
Lighting – Sounds Plus
Decorator – Glamour Events
Wedding Venue – St Nicholas Macedonian Hall
Florist – Janette Flowers
Bridal Salon – Brides by Demetrios
Wedding Planner – Katie Plantus
DJs – Essence of Tone
Videographer – Adrian D’Alessandro
Invitation/Paper goods – Vista Print
Hair Stylist/Salon – Lydia Kotevski, Vanity Flair
Make-up Artists – Richelle Wells
Wedding cake – Sweet Revenge
Jewelry – Tiffany, Burberry, Bulova
Bands – Abrahams
Transportation – Royal Limo
Menswear – Freeds
Guest Accommodations – Hampton Inn
Lighting – NXT Level
Decorator – Allure Events
Shoes – Badgley Mischka

Wedding Venue – Beach Grove/Ciociaro Club
Florist – Country Flowers
Hair Stylist/Salon – Justine Sepetance
Make-up Artists – Mariane Roberto
Wedding cake – Sweet occasions
Desserts – Sweet occasions
Favors – Donations to Humane Society
Transportation – City of Windsor bus
Menswear – Freeds
Decorator – Designs by Diane

Wedding Venue – Fogolar Furlan Club “Windsor Hall”
Bridal Salon – Bridal Couture
DJs – Celebrity Music
Videographer – Nate Laughland “Energy In Motion”-Film, Photo, & Alternative Media
Hair Stylist/Salon – Theresa (Master Cuts)
Make-up Artists – Giselle Lajoie
Favors – Succulent Source
Transportation – Cool Bus
Menswear – Moores
Guest Accommodations – Casino Windsor
Lighting – Alan Jessop
Decorator – Dream Weddings by Veve
Bridal Salon – Dior Bridal
Videographer – Sharron Peters
Invitation/Paper goods – Vista Print
Hair Stylist/Salon – Alex Pahomey
Make-up Artists – Kelly Davidson
Jewelry – Antoyan Jewlerys
Bands – Eclipse
Favors – Caricatures by Sinkevitch Art Studio
Transportation – Limos by Mr. J
Menswear – Freeds
Lighting – Elev8 Productions
Decorator – Eadie Mastronardi
Shoes – Nordstrom

Wedding Venue – Mastronardi Estate Winery


Tracey + Adam – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario photographer

Tracey + Adam – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario photographer

Congrats to Tracey and Adam, here are some favorites from their wedding at the Mastronardi Winery in Leamington, ON

Wedding Venue – Mastronardi Winery
Florist – Mastronardi
Wedding Planner – Eadie & Laura
DJs – Joe Faubert
Hair Stylist/Salon – The hair lounge
Make-up Artists – Felicity
Officiants – Rev. Robin Sherman
Favors – Donation to Autism Services Inc
Menswear – Moore’s
Guest Accommodations – Days Inn Leamington
Shoes – David’s Bridal


Brittney + James – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario photographer

Brittney + James – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario photographer

A great start to my 2017 wedding season kicked off with photographing Brittney and James at the historic John R Homestead on the beautiful shores of Lake Erie. The outdoor ceremony was blessed with absolute beautiful weather for mid May with the sun shining and a lite cool breeze.

Both Brittney’s and James’ anticipation and excitement was felt from all guests who gathered to witness the exchanging of vows from two people who are very much in love with each other. Having met the modern way; online, didn’t take away from the love felt for each other. In todays cynical world it was refreshing to see two people who simply adored one another.

I’d like to share some images from Mr. and Mrs Magri’s wedding – enjoy and a big congrats to you both!

Cheers, Trevor

Wedding Venue – John R. Park Homestead
Florist – Victoria’s Flowers
Bridal Salon – Bridal Couture
DJs – Celebrity Music
Invitation/Paper goods – Avenue16
Hair Stylist/Salon – Jessica- In the Chair
Make-up Artists – Katie Wall
Caterers – Iron Kettle
Favors – Us
Transportation – Mr. J’s
Menswear – Collins Formal wear
Guest Accommodations – Their homes
Lighting – Festival Tents
Decorator – Moire designs
Shoes – Mine

Angela + Bobby – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer

Angela + Bobby – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer

Bobby proposed on Aug 30, 2014 while we were on a spontaneous trip to Chicago (now I know why it was spontaneous!). We were walking through Millennium Park and Bobby was bound and determined to find the “Married with Children” fountain. Once we found it, he suddenly exclaimed “wow there are a lot of people over there, lets go over here…” a bit of a tip off LOL. He led me down under a tree right by Lake Michigan and asked me if I could do one thing…take his last name! Then he got down on one knee and presented me with a beautiful ring!

Congrats to Angela and Bobby on what was a beautiful day at the Mastronardi Estate Winery – Vino Vista

Cheers, TBP


Wedding Venue – Mastronardi Estate Winery – Vino Vista

Florist – Mastronardi Estate Winery – Vino Vista

Bridal Salon – Blush Salon and Spa

Wedding Planner – Eadie Mastronardi, Mastronardi Estate Winery – Vino Vista

DJs – ACS Sound and Lighting Productions Inc. c/o Mastronardi Estate Winery – Vino Vista

Invitation/Paper goods – Written Expressions – Diana Leonardi

Hair Stylist/Salon –Blush Salon and Spa

Make-up Artists – Blush Salon and Spa

Caterers – 3D Live Catering c/o Mastronardi Estate Winery – Vino Vista

Wedding cake – Cakes By Candus

Desserts – Cakes by Candus/Essex Golf and Country Club/family contributions

Jewelry – Mappins

Bands – Spence Diamonds

Officiants – Joe McParland – All Seasons Weddings

Transportation – Royal Limo

Menswear – Moores

Guest Accommodations – Talbot Trail Inn, Leamington, Ont

Lighting – ACS Entertainment

Decorator – Eadie/Laura – Mastronardi Estate Winery – Vino Vista

Shoes – Le Chateau

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Tracy + Robert | 10 29 11

Tracy + Robert | 10 29 11

I love small intimate ceremonies – Tracy and Roberts was just that at the Essex Golf Club.

As it wasn’t their first marriage for either the order of things were a tad untraditional with us taking photos firs before the ceremony. Off to Lakeside Park in Kingsville on a cold blustery day…thanks guys for letting me be apart of a wonderful joyous occasion in your lives.


Melissa + Marc | 08 06 11

Melissa + Marc | 08 06 11

Melissa and Marc are another couple I got to know a bit better during their engagement photo shoot last fall on the campus of Windsor University. They asked to do it there as this is when and where they met – while attending U.
The morning of the wedding I drove to Leamington and right to Melissa’s parents place before going to see Marc and the boys. Normally I see the fellas first and then my bride but she asked me to photograph her dress first before getting into it as by the time I would have gotten back she would have already had it on. Off to the guys and then getting ready…then back to the Melissa’s parents place. The ceremony was at St Michael’s where I have photographed a few weddings throughout my years.
After dropping my car off at the Roma Club I hoped onboard the limo bus and we headed to Lakeside Park in Kingsville. The rain held off the entire time thankfully until we were back on the bus going to Pelee Island Winery where Melissa’s colourful umbrellas got some good use.
Thanks for letting me be apart of your day Melissa and Marc and sharing in the memories that will last a lifetime!

Elaine + Patrick’s vintage wedding

Elaine + Patrick’s vintage wedding

Like I mentioned in my last post Elaine and Patrick needed some last minute decor for Saturday’s reception at the Kingsville Lakeside Park pavilion. I was amazed at the fine detail that Elaine herself had put into her own wedding.

From what I heard, she spent over two months before Sept 4th getting ever last little detail perfect for this “vintage” wedding. Every part of this wedding they did themselves. And when I say every part, I mean every part! (except the photography, that’s where I come in) I was amazed to know she found her dress at a thrift store in Detroit, had her sister make the bridesmaids dresses, bought every dish for the dinner and even found a tandem bicycle for their “ride” up to a pub for a drink after the ceremony.

The decorations/props where either handmade or found at thrift stores making the vintage theme ever more so present, that is why we made the stop the night before at the thrift store across from City Hall after the civil ceremony in search of ’50s style clocks and a old TV. Most of the props where used for a themed area that guests could come up and take a Polaroid’s for a book or album they were going to put together later.

With a old jukebox kicking tunes in the background, family making their “famous” dishes, and the bartender whipping up the drink of the hour – smiles and laughter could not be contained!

Thanks again for let me be a part of such a fun two days!

Elaine + Patrick – Friday evening, civil ceremony

Elaine + Patrick – Friday evening, civil ceremony

Having only dealt with Elaine via email up until the week prior to the Friday and Saturday ceremonies is something that is becoming more common. It was nice to finally meet both Elaine and Patrick Friday evening before the civil ceremony at City Hall in Kingsville on Sept 3rd.

Elaine met Patrick while working abroad teaching in Korea. If I have this info wrong, please forgive…so majority of her planning happened half way around the world. Returning a few months before the big weekend she planned every little detail of both days to perfection!

After the leaving City Hall we wandered across the street to her favourite little spot where she found most of the decor for Saturday’s reception. They need some last minute decorations. More about that in my next post…

After stopping to have a small snack and glass of wine, we headed back to her parents house for a small private reception for family and out of town guests. I must admit that the meal was the best homemade Thai food I’ve had, esp. for wedding reception – so good in fact I took some Pad Thai home! YUM!

Here are a few photos from Friday’s ceremony and reception. Saturday’s festivities I will post shortly.

Melissa + Andrew

Melissa + Andrew

Back in September, I had the pleasure to photograph a fun couple – Melissa and Andrew. Lots of smiles and laughter was seen and heard throughout this warm and sunny fall day. Here are some of my favourites from such a sweet couple.