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2012 – the good, the clients and the mountain…

2012 – the good, the clients and the mountain…

What a year.

2012 will be one of the most memorable years in my photography business. The first few months are always slow, which comes with the weather. But this is the time of year to catch up, learn new techniques, begin new advertising campaigns, share photos with you all that I just didn’t have time to do throughout my busy summer/autumn months. Along with all the computer work I shot some great classic children’s portraits, dramatic baby bumps and edgy but classic business head shots. We also got the cutest puppy in the world! There were a lot of fundraising events for our charity – “Climb Kili 2012” which you can click here to still donate to such a great cause!

This year was a first for me – WPPI in Vegas. Super cool conference. Learned a few new tricks of the trade along with seeing what is hot and what is not in the industry. I can see myself going again!

This years busy season was an exceptional one. Training to climb Mount Kilimanjaro was in high gear while fundraising for our local hospital amongst shooting for all my clients made it for a year to remember. Gaining new clients like Grill 55, Government of Ontario, ADA Architects, Blackburn Radio, Downtown Windsor Business Accelerator, Foia Restaurant, Level 3 Vodka Emporium to name a few. All the while keeping my amazing existing clients happy ( STC Construction, University of Windsor Ontario, Dragon Boats, Beaverfest, etc) when called upon.

Amongst all my work are some of my favourite personal photos I have taken this year. Had the pleasure to photograph a wedding in Cape Breton. So spending a few days on the new Cabot Links golf coarse and enjoying Inverness’s amazing beach made it for a great working holiday.

The rest of the summer I watched my boy win his baseball little league, polar bears at the Detroit Zoo, the Stanley Cup come to Amherstburg ON, and finally drop that extra 5 lb’s to help me get to the top of Kilimanjaro.

Spending 13 days in Africa with such an amazing group of people all the while pushing ourselves to the limits physically and mentally and reaching the summit of Africa’s highest mountain – Kilimanjaro was worth 18 months of fundraising and training! Finishing off our trip we experienced the wild side of Africa while on a 3 day safari. It was truly a trip of a lifetime!

The last 3.5 months of last year has been THE busiest I have ever been. Yet I still found some down time to go see an NFL game in Buffalo and to send a couple day at Kalahari with my friend Mike and our boys.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me and my business over the years. Last was great, though I’m not sure how I will be able to top it. I can assure you that I will surely try!



Mt Kilimanjaro – Day 3

Mt Kilimanjaro – Day 3

Our third day of hiking started off with a sunrise everyone should see once in their lifetime. High above the clouds, the air was crisp and our muscles sore.

Our altitude gain was the highest before our push to the summit on the evening of Day 5. we went to just over 4600m which was at the Lava Tower. This was our longest “day” at 8 hours of hiking to our next camp. A few of the team were feeling rough as the altitude gain was affecting them hard. But thankfully we dropped back down 3900m. Which we all benefited from.

This was the longest in distance we hiked with the weather changing constantly ending in a beautiful sunset on the summit of Kili.

DAY 3; Machame Route, 4600m (approx) highest – 3900m at camp, 8.5 hrs of hiking

Mt Kilimnajaro – Day 2

Mt Kilimnajaro – Day 2

The second day was fairly short in terms of only hiking 4-5 hours to next camp. We gained only a few hundred meters and got into camp relatively early. Which was nice for a couple reasons – to chill, relax and re-energize our mind and body for the tomorrows 8-9 hour day and to enjoy the view!

DAY 2; Machame Route, 3200m (approx), 5hrs of hiking