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Erin + James – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer

Erin + James – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer

Congrats to Erin + James.

Cheers, Trevor

Wedding Venue – Canadian Transportation Museum and Heritage Village
Florist – Janette Florist
DJs – Phat Boy Productions
Invitation/Paper goods – VisitaPrint
Hair Stylist/Salon – Gayle Moody Sawchuk
Make-up Artists – Rose Strano
Caterers – Carmen’s Catering
Wedding cake – None
Desserts – Little Sweets Cafe and Bake Shop
Jewelry –Icing
Officiants – Father Larry Brunet
Favors – Homemade
Menswear – Collin’s
Lighting –Phat Boy Productions and Anything + Everything
Decorator – Anything + Everything
Shoes –Le Chateau
Ceremony Music – Chelsey Danfield

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