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Best of the DECADE 2010 – 2019

Best of the DECADE 2010 – 2019

This is a blog 10 years in the making!!!

My best of the best from this past decade from 2010 thru to 2019. Showing my timeless style of simplicity, natural beauty, candid moments, dramatic lighting, and just amazing photos from some of the most amazing people I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with over these last 10 years. Some I even now consider close friends.

Trends were never my thing – though I did try a few in the early 2010’s – but I came into my own style by 2015. The last 4 to 5 years that style has really been predominate with much learning to go in the coming years.

One thing about my work is I take pride knowing an image from last year, the year before or even 9 years ago will stand the test of time. Whether on any wall or mantle my images cannot be dated due to a trend or certain look from the wedding photography industry that has come and gone.

Once again – Thank you to all my clients (friends) from near and far! Love you all. Here’s to the next 10 amazing years to come!

Cheers, Trevor

2016/17 Commercial year in Review

2016/17 Commercial year in Review

Over the last year and half I noticed a resurgence in small business advertising utilizing the visual medias as the central focus of most PR/social media/web based campaigns. Being a commercial photographer besides a wedding photographer I get to meet a lot of successful entrepreneurs in Windsor Essex. I love being behind the camera whether its in the studio updating a realtors head shot for their business cards and website, in the local restaurant updating their menu items or photographing successful businesses for THE DRIVE magazine. I love it all and I proud to bring you these photos from 2016-2017 of successful Windsorites!

If your profile needs to be updated; if your company is running a PR campaign and needs high end professional photography; call or email me today to discuss my rates. Let me help you bring your advertising to the next level.

Enjoy the photos, and as always…cheers, Trevor


Stephanie + Andrew – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer

Stephanie + Andrew – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer

Andrew set up the proposal as a complete surprise…

Steph had absolutely no idea – she didn’t even paint her nails!  Steph met him downtown in January at the Campus Martius ice rink for some laps. They went skating, and as the zamboni was waiting to come out and the ice was clearing Andrew made her do an extra lap as Steph insisted “they told us to get off the ice!”  Then he got down on one knee and asked.  There were two secret photographers and a videographer that captured the moment.  Afterwards, Steph wanted to call her parents and Andrew said, “Call and tell them, but they are meeting us and my parents for dinner tonight at 7.”  To which she responded “But I’m in a tshirt and jeans…”  Andrew had a dress, shoes, and jewelry ready for her downtown.

Cheers, Trevor

Wedding Venue Caboto Club

Florist Janette Florists (bride/groom), all other silk decor homemade/ from Milestone Weddings

Bridal Salon – @ bride’s house (Monika Bak & Shantel Boutrous)


Videographer Nathan Laughland

Invitation/Paper goods Michael’s Crafts

Hair Stylist/Salon Monika Bak & Shantel Boutrous

Make-up Artists Manal Hage & Lux Make up

Caterers Caboto Club

Wedding cake – Homemade

Desserts Fruit Tables & More

Jewelry Mariell Jewelry

Bands Ahee Jewelers

Officiants – Msgr Elie Zouein

Favors Lake Orion Keg & Wine, Ghirardelli Chocolate Co.

Transportation A Universal

Menswear Macy’s

Guest Accommodations Caesar’s and Waterfront

Lighting DJ PJ

Decorator Milestone Weddings

Shoes Christian Louboutin

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Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada

Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada

I finally had the opportunity to get back to one of Canada’s most iconic locations of this great giant nation. In my mind THE most iconic. Peggys Cove! Just south east of Halifax, the drive takes about 45-50 min down a very picturesque road.

I flew to Halifax on my way to Cape Breton for a wedding a few days later and decided to jump on the chance to see my favourite lighthouse. Arriving to the tiny community around 3 in the afternoon where the lighthouse sits majestically on top of some giant barren exposed rocks I found my parking spot for the day and grabbed my camera. My plan was to spend the afternoon photographing the lighthouse and her community, enjoy some fresh mussels for dinner and catch the sunset. Thankfully the weather was absolutely amazing for it all to come together.

While sitting down about to enjoy those fresh mussels an old friend from Windsor saw on facebook I was there and mentioned he now lives 30 min away with his wife and family. Calum (McPhee) was flying home from his work out west and graciously offer me to stay there instead of me driving to Cape Breton that evening. I jumped at the offer as the thought of driving 3.5 hours on the trans-Canada at night wasn’t really appealing compared to 30 min up the road.

By the time the sun was almost on the horizon the amount of people had tripled along with the amount of tripods. I found my location(s) where I thought was the best angle, just due west of the lighthouse on a low outcropping of exposed rocks. Thankfully there wasn’t the amount of people like there was on the main rocks as myself and just one other photographer from the UK enjoyed this pristine spot.

That other photographer did take a huge chance venturing onto some of the (not so safe) black rocks to grab another angle. Which you can see in one of my photos. Shaking my head my thoughts went back to a young fellow from my home town of Smiths Falls, ON how just a few months prior got hit by a rogue wave while on some of these black rocks and was swept away. Very sad. Even worse is that he was never found. There are warning signs saying not to go onto these black rocks for the potential of getting swept away by one of these waves is good. Yet all day I saw people from all walks of life, all age groups doing just that and taking that huge risk.

It was a beautiful day, beautiful location, beautiful sunset. If you ever have the chance to see this part of our great country of Canada, don’t hesitate. Go see it! And I recommend the fresh mussels!

Cheers, Trevor