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2018 Year in Review

2018 Year in Review

2018 has been a different year professionally for me. My weddings slowed down a bit but my commercial work increased, which you can view here (soon). On the personal side of things a lot of growth has come with much more on the horizon. First year in many I didn’t get a chance to head east to my beloved Cape Breton; you were dearly missed!

Got to shoot some fabulous engagements of an amazing couple, Natasha and Nishant, back in my (kinda) hometown of Ottawa on THE hottest day of the year! And I finished off my wedding calendar with a destination to Mexico with two beautiful souls Amanda and Adrian.

Here are some of my favourites from all the highlights I shared with the world this 2018. Hope you enjoy. If your recently engaged or know someone who is – have them contact me for a highly experienced, fun loving energetic photographer – ME!

Cheers to 2019!    Trevor


2017 Year in Review – wedding edition; Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer

2017 Year in Review – wedding edition; Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer


It has been a one of the best years for me professionally. I want to again thank and congratulate all my clients this year for trusting in me, my vision and mostly my creativity.

I absolutely love photographing a wedding. All the challenges it brings, both personally and professionally. The best is the artistic freedom that my clients give me! THANK YOU!  To all that have enjoyed and grown to love my style over the years – THANK YOU!

I will continue to become better and better, learning as I grow for all my 2018 clients and beyond.

Here’s to the new year and what it might bring to everyone. Cheers and enjoy some of my favourites from this past year of 2017



THANKS to all the vendors who helped bring my art to life!!! Love and happiness to all!

Wedding Reception – Caboto Club
Florist – Forget Me Not Flower Boutique
Bridal Salon Wedding Dress – It’s Your Day Bridal
Bridal Salon Bridesmaid Dresses – Bella Bridal
DJs – Spidalieri Entertainment Group (Franks Disc Jockey Service)
Invitation/Paper goods – Vistaprint
Wedding cupcake/cake – Sweet Revenge Bake Shop
Bands – People’s Jewellers
Favors – The Wedding Shoppe Canada
Transportation – Butterfield Limo
Menswear – Freeds of Windsor
Decorator – BR Guest (Julie Bonello)
Late night pizza – Franco’s Pizzeria
DJs – Joe Faubert
Hair Stylist/Salon – The hair lounge
Make-up Artists – Felicity
Officiants – Rev. Robin Sherman
Favors – Donation to Autism Services Inc
Menswear – Moore’s
Guest Accommodations – Days Inn Leamington
Shoes – David’s Bridal

venue – The City Grill

Wedding Venue – Windsor yacht club
DJs – dj Dwaine Iler
Hair Stylist– michelle elysse
Make-up Artists – rolla
Wedding cake – Sample’s cakes
Bands –People’s
Officiants – Joe MacParland
Groomswear – Collins
Decorator – Gails flowers and event decor

Wedding Venue – Canadian Club Heritage Brand Centre | St. Clair Centre for the Arts
Florist – Anything & Everything
DJs – DJ Victorious
Videographer – Twisted Anchor Productions
Invitation/Paper goods – me, my company Avenue16
Hair Stylist/Salon – Salon Privé
Caterers – St. Clair Centre for the Arts
Wedding cake – Cakes by Candus
Jewelry – Ritani
Michael Kors
Bands – Ambiance Ensembles (Chris LaJoie)
Officiants – Vera Oglan
Favors – Donation to The Canadian Kidney Foundation & Transition to Betterness
Transportation – Butterfield
Menswear – Collins
Guest Accommodations – Best Western Plus Waterfront
Lighting – DJ Victorious
Decorator – Anything & Everything

Wedding Venue – St Angela’s
Bridal Salon – Bridal Couture
DJs – Christopher Tuer at Sounds Plus
Make-up Artists – Glow Makeup Studio
Caterers – St Angela’s
Wedding cake – Klueless Cupcakes
Bands – Tacori
Favors – Humane Society
Transportation – Switzer Carty
Menswear – Hugo Boss (groom), Freed’s
Guest Accommodations – Best Western Waterfront
Lighting – Sounds Plus
Decorator – Glamour Events
Wedding Venue – St Nicholas Macedonian Hall
Florist – Janette Flowers
Bridal Salon – Brides by Demetrios
Wedding Planner – Katie Plantus
DJs – Essence of Tone
Videographer – Adrian D’Alessandro
Invitation/Paper goods – Vista Print
Hair Stylist/Salon – Lydia Kotevski, Vanity Flair
Make-up Artists – Richelle Wells
Wedding cake – Sweet Revenge
Jewelry – Tiffany, Burberry, Bulova
Bands – Abrahams
Transportation – Royal Limo
Menswear – Freeds
Guest Accommodations – Hampton Inn
Lighting – NXT Level
Decorator – Allure Events
Shoes – Badgley Mischka

Wedding Venue – Beach Grove/Ciociaro Club
Florist – Country Flowers
Hair Stylist/Salon – Justine Sepetance
Make-up Artists – Mariane Roberto
Wedding cake – Sweet occasions
Desserts – Sweet occasions
Favors – Donations to Humane Society
Transportation – City of Windsor bus
Menswear – Freeds
Decorator – Designs by Diane

Wedding Venue – Fogolar Furlan Club “Windsor Hall”
Bridal Salon – Bridal Couture
DJs – Celebrity Music
Videographer – Nate Laughland “Energy In Motion”-Film, Photo, & Alternative Media
Hair Stylist/Salon – Theresa (Master Cuts)
Make-up Artists – Giselle Lajoie
Favors – Succulent Source
Transportation – Cool Bus
Menswear – Moores
Guest Accommodations – Casino Windsor
Lighting – Alan Jessop
Decorator – Dream Weddings by Veve
Bridal Salon – Dior Bridal
Videographer – Sharron Peters
Invitation/Paper goods – Vista Print
Hair Stylist/Salon – Alex Pahomey
Make-up Artists – Kelly Davidson
Jewelry – Antoyan Jewlerys
Bands – Eclipse
Favors – Caricatures by Sinkevitch Art Studio
Transportation – Limos by Mr. J
Menswear – Freeds
Lighting – Elev8 Productions
Decorator – Eadie Mastronardi
Shoes – Nordstrom

Wedding Venue – Mastronardi Estate Winery


Miranda + Brendan – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario photographer

Miranda + Brendan – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario photographer

“If ‘A’ was ‘yes’ and ‘B’ was ‘no’ I’d choose ‘A’”

This is the answer to the question Brendan asked Miranda way back on their first date….”Will you be my girlfriend?” From that moment 9 years ago, these high school sweethearts paths were joined and have been together since.

Here’s a brief story about the proposal from Miranda… “Brendan and I were taking a walk by the Peace Fountain at the River, which is pretty much something we do all the time. It was a beautiful breezy, somewhat cloudy day. I was taking pictures of the view. Brendan suggested I go take some closer pictures of the fountain. So as I moved closer and started taking pictures Brendan decided to update his status on Facebook to “I’m about to propose to Miranda lol”. I felt the vibration of my phone but thought nothing of the sort and when I turned around Brendan was down on one knee with the engagement ring held up in his hands. He was grinning and I was giggling and he asked me the most defining and biggest question I ever was asked in my entire life. He asked if I would be his wife. In typical awkward fashion I responded first by asking if he had asked my father and secondly, after he had said that he had, that of course I would marry him. It was simple and exactly the way I would have wanted it.”

Congrats to both of you, Miranda and Brendan.

Cheers, Trevor


Wedding Ceremony – Most Precious Blood Church
Wedding Reception (Dinner/Desserts) – Caboto Club
Florist – Forget Me Not Flower Boutique
Bridal Salon Wedding Dress – It’s Your Day Bridal
Bridal Salon Bridesmaid Dresses – Bella Bridal
DJs – Spidalieri Entertainment Group (Franks Disc Jockey Service)
Invitation/Paper goods – Vistaprint
Wedding cupcake/cake – Sweet Revenge Bake Shop
Bands – People’s Jewellers
Favors – The Wedding Shoppe Canada
Transportation – Butterfield Limo
Menswear – Freeds of Windsor
Decorator – BR Guest (Julie Bonello)
Late night pizza – Franco’s Pizzeria


2016 Year in Review – wedding edition; Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer

2016 Year in Review – wedding edition; Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer

2016 has been a fabulous year for me professionally and personally. I want to thank and congratulate all my clients this past year for trusting in me and my vision. I have grown to absolutely love photographing a wedding. The challenges it brings to me both personally and professionally. The artistic freedom that my clients give me and have grown to love over the years brings pure satisfaction to me. I will only strive to become better and better for all my 2017 clients and beyond.

Here’s to the new year and what it my bring to everyone. Cheers and enjoy some of my favourites from this past year of 2016.



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Annalisa + Leo – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer

Annalisa + Leo – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer

“Well… once upon a time my sister-in-law posted some pictures on Facebook of myself (Leo) and my niece Carmela .  Annalisa saw those pictures and clicked like to them.  So my sister-in-law Toula mentioned it to my brother and he was like tell Leo about it! So she did and I decided to add her as a friend.  So I started chatting with her a little and asked out to coffee.  She said no, so I waited a bit and asked again.  She said no.  Being very persistent, I asked one last time and she said YES!  And the rest is history!!”

“I had the night all planned out….
I had asked her to check her schedule and make sure she had the Saturday (August 8/2015)off.  Then I made reservations at Tuscana Restaurant.  I had spoken to Jordan the manager there and explained to him that I was going to propose to my girlfriend and told him how I wanted the night to go.  Now normally when we go out to dinner we never make it to desert because were to full, so that night I made sure to tell her to save room for desert because I wanted to get something.  After we ordered drinks , I got up to use the bathroom and gave Jordon the Ring.  We had dinner and everything was going great, drinks were flowing….desert was ordered.  Jordon brought out the desert himself with the ring on the plate, I slipped out of my chair, dropped to one knee and proposed.  The whole restaurant cheered for us !! it was awesome!!”

Wedding Venue –  Canadian Club Brand Center
Florist –  I&F Design
Bridal Salon –  Palazzo Moda
DJs – Celebrity Music
Videographer – Celebrity Music
Invitation/Paper goods –  Elizabeth R Fine Stationery
Hair Stylist/Salon –  B Squared Hair Studio – Mary Cozzetto
Make-up Artists –  Kes Beauty & Imagination
Caterers – Giovanni Caboto Club
Wedding cake – Italian Bakery
Desserts –  Italian Bakery
Jewelry –  Joseph Anthony
Bands – Ciao Band
Officiants –  Gloria Stacey ( Royal Wedding Gardens)
Favors – Borrelli Cellars
Transportation –  Royal Limousine
Menswear – Moores
Lighting –  Dream Weddings by Veve
Decorator – Dream Weddings by Veve
Shoes – Ellie Wren Custom Wedding Shoes

Congrats to Annalisa + Leo.

Cheers, Trevor

img_2112 img_2174 img_2228 img_2288 img_2385 img_2466 img_2515 img_2537 img_2558 img_2663 img_2722 img_2749 img_2850 img_2932 img_3026 img_3043 img_3051 img_3086 img_3088 img_3096 img_3098 img_3108 img_3152 img_3157 img_3192 img_3212 img_3215 img_3218 img_3258 img_3268 img_3269 img_3285 img_3286 img_3300 img_3302 img_3323 img_3330 img_3364 img_3367 img_3418 img_3451 img_3469 img_3480 img_3510 img_3515 img_3531 img_3541 img_3558 img_3581 img_3593 img_3601 img_3643 img_3655 img_3661 img_3669 img_3671 img_3679 img_3713 img_3721 img_3724 img_3731 img_3741 img_3759 img_3789 img_3835 img_3890 img_3907 img_3932 img_3939 img_3949 img_3991 img_4001 img_4003 img_4007 img_4016 img_4025 img_4101 img_4122 img_4123 img_4141 img_4154 img_4234 img_4376 img_4398 img_4448 img_4478 img_4493

Ashley + Jim – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer

Ashley + Jim – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer

“We were on a trip in Niagara Falls, and we went on a Ferris Wheel to overlook the falls. At the top of the Ferris Wheel the Beatles song “In My Life” started playing (a happy accident) – and Jim asked me to marry him!”

Wedding Venue – St. Anne’s Church, Tecumseh (Ceremony), Caboto Club (reception)
Florist – Flowers By Design
Bridal Salon –  Sage Salon and Spa
Invitation/Paper goods – Handmade by bride, printed at Standard Printing
Hair Stylist/Salon – Natalie Beausoleil (maid of honour) @ Sage Salon
Make-up Artists – Ionela Bilei @ Sage Salon
Wedding cake – Ashley Beyer (Beyer’s Cakes)
Jewelry – It’s Your Day Bridal
Bands – Ashley – Abraham’s Jewelers, Jim is using a family ring
Officiants – Father Eugene Roy (@ St. Anne’s Church)
Favors – Donation will be made to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada
Transportation – Windsor Essex Trolley
Menswear – Monty’s
Guest Accommodations – Caesars Windsor
Lighting – DJ PJ
Decorator – Milestone
Shoes – Jacob’s Bridal

Congrats to you both Ashley and Jim.

Cheers, Trevor


Christine + Derek – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer

Christine + Derek – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer


This was the word of the day for Christine and Derek’s wedding. If someone wasn’t having fun, then I’m not sure how anyone could! From the moment I got to Derek’s parent’s place in Tecumseh the laughter never stopped. Their wedding though almost didn’t happen…without going into details a crazy few emails and letters almost kibosh’d the entire day…but like water on a ducks back they took it in stride and kept smiling. No detail left unturned including the possibility of bad weather the newly renovated Restaurant 14 was booked for photos. Beautiful spot and if you want diner with a view – be sure to check it out! With time to spare and the weather on our side we went to Jackson park to continue with some creative photos. No Pokemon were spotted thankfully! The reception was down the street at the famous Caboto club; dinner was good as always. The timeline went so smoothly that DJ PJ got the dance floor rocking by 8pm till the wee hours of the morning I’m sure! ‘

Congrats Christine and Derek!

Cheers, Trevor

Wedding Venue Caboto Club

Florist Emily Elizabeth Floral Designs

Bridal Salon Bridal Gallery


Invitation/Paper goods Wedding Paper Divas

Hair Stylist/Salon – Dry Parlor Inc

Make-up Artists Just Kiss and Makeup – Meagan Hope

Caterers Caboto Club; The Cheese Bar – cocktail hour

Wedding cake Renee’s Fine Cakes

Desserts – Let’s Talk Cake

Jewelry Stella and Dot

Bands Kay Jewelers

Officiants – Father Gary Goyeau

Favors – Homemade

Transportation Butterfield Limousine Service

Menswear Collins Formal Wear

Guest Accommodations Best Western Plus Waterfront Hotel; Lexington Inn & Suites

Lighting DJ PJ

Decorator Soiree Event Extraordinaire

Shoes DSW

“Derek had been planning to propose for a really long time and had an elaborate scheme that included a photographer and a walk down by the water. Since I didn’t know anything about this, I kept on scheduling things over his plans. Eventually he had to get my mom involved so that he could have a night where it was just the two of us. We went to The Keg, had a great meal, and when the waitress was gone to find a dessert menu, he got down on one knee in the restaurant. I was very happy and our waitress was so thrilled I thought she was going to cry. The rest of the night was spent visiting and calling family and friends.”


IMG_2039 IMG_2045 IMG_2073 IMG_2100 IMG_2120 IMG_2148 IMG_2158 IMG_2166 IMG_2207 IMG_2220 IMG_2258 IMG_2274 IMG_2280 IMG_2316 IMG_2355 IMG_2368 IMG_2369 IMG_2399 IMG_2410 IMG_2419 IMG_2422 IMG_2429 IMG_2448 IMG_2497 IMG_2505 IMG_2519 IMG_2526 IMG_2553 IMG_2570 IMG_2610 IMG_2635 IMG_2679 IMG_2701 IMG_2704 IMG_2713 IMG_2756 IMG_2762 IMG_2775 IMG_2783 IMG_2797 IMG_2807 IMG_2816 IMG_2825 IMG_2830 IMG_2841 IMG_2845 IMG_2850 IMG_2874 IMG_2876 IMG_2886 IMG_2901 IMG_2912 IMG_2914 IMG_3023 IMG_3089 IMG_3196 IMG_3217 IMG_3298 IMG_3338 IMG_3343 IMG_3346 IMG_3368 IMG_3377 IMG_3388 IMG_3400 IMG_3418 IMG_3438 IMG_3468 IMG_3475 IMG_3493 IMG_3507 IMG_3524 IMG_3548 IMG_3564 IMG_3583 IMG_3594 IMG_3613 IMG_3639 IMG_3659 IMG_3666 IMG_3673 IMG_3711 IMG_3717 IMG_3719 IMG_3728 IMG_3738 IMG_3743 IMG_3753 IMG_3767 IMG_3777 IMG_3804 IMG_3808 IMG_3866 IMG_3889 IMG_3915 IMG_3939 IMG_4018 IMG_4024 IMG_4061 IMG_4066 IMG_4069 IMG_4078 IMG_4090 IMG_4121 IMG_4139 IMG_4167 IMG_4178 IMG_4209 IMG_4328 IMG_4403 IMG_4447 IMG_4592 IMG_4623 IMG_4637 IMG_4654 IMG_4656 IMG_4657 IMG_4704 IMG_4719 IMG_4744 IMG_4813 IMG_4826 IMG_4905 IMG_4923 IMG_5010 IMG_5234 IMG_5240

Stephanie + Andrew – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer

Stephanie + Andrew – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer

Andrew set up the proposal as a complete surprise…

Steph had absolutely no idea – she didn’t even paint her nails!  Steph met him downtown in January at the Campus Martius ice rink for some laps. They went skating, and as the zamboni was waiting to come out and the ice was clearing Andrew made her do an extra lap as Steph insisted “they told us to get off the ice!”  Then he got down on one knee and asked.  There were two secret photographers and a videographer that captured the moment.  Afterwards, Steph wanted to call her parents and Andrew said, “Call and tell them, but they are meeting us and my parents for dinner tonight at 7.”  To which she responded “But I’m in a tshirt and jeans…”  Andrew had a dress, shoes, and jewelry ready for her downtown.

Cheers, Trevor

Wedding Venue Caboto Club

Florist Janette Florists (bride/groom), all other silk decor homemade/ from Milestone Weddings

Bridal Salon – @ bride’s house (Monika Bak & Shantel Boutrous)


Videographer Nathan Laughland

Invitation/Paper goods Michael’s Crafts

Hair Stylist/Salon Monika Bak & Shantel Boutrous

Make-up Artists Manal Hage & Lux Make up

Caterers Caboto Club

Wedding cake – Homemade

Desserts Fruit Tables & More

Jewelry Mariell Jewelry

Bands Ahee Jewelers

Officiants – Msgr Elie Zouein

Favors Lake Orion Keg & Wine, Ghirardelli Chocolate Co.

Transportation A Universal

Menswear Macy’s

Guest Accommodations Caesar’s and Waterfront

Lighting DJ PJ

Decorator Milestone Weddings

Shoes Christian Louboutin

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Best of 2015 – Wedding photography from Trevor Booth Photography

Best of 2015 – Wedding photography from Trevor Booth Photography

Its a new day, a new year; 2016.

2015 was a year to remember. My daughter Charleigh was in the 2 year of her life, enjoying learning, laughing and waving at everyone from cars passing by to the airplanes in the sky. My boy Quinn turned 11 and is the typical boy of that age, loving gaming, hockey, YouTube and his baby sister.

Well enough of the chit chat, lets get down to why you are on my blog – to see some of my favourite wedding (and some engagement) images from 2015.

Sit back, grab a glass on your favourite vino and enjoy some images from the best clients a wedding photographer could ask for!

Cheers, Trevor

Tanya + Alan | 05 14 11

Tanya + Alan | 05 14 11

Late April and Tanya and Alan came in for a consultation after learning I had their date available for May 14th. They were so disappointed in their engagement photos as they did not turn out the way they had hoped they were willing to switch photographers so close to the wedding.
The day turned out great from the weather that this spring had given us. Any day in May without rain seemed to be a blessing! For which this day had two of – Tanya’s brother came in from his duties in the Forces for the weekend to be with her and Alan. It was a very emotional reunion!
Enjoy the pix!

Jennifer and Frank

Jennifer and Frank

Having three weekends off at the end of June beginning of July was kinda surreal to me.

Though I had loads to do, including photographing a local charity motorcycle bike ride associated with the Dragon Boats which I will post soon! Besides it was nice to catch up on all other things that seemed to be neglected

I had the pleasure to photograph Jen and Frank last year for their engagements. This day turned out to be a nice day after the weatherman tried scaring us into believing there was going to be big storms rolling through! The outdoor ceremony in Jackson Park was a first for me so it was a nice change. But wow was it hot!

After the park ceremony we headed to the front of Caesar’s and to the waterfront for some snapping and then off to the reception at Caboto Club.

A great day was had by all. Thanks Jen and Frank for letting me be a part of your wedding day.