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Amanda + Adrian – Destination Tulum Mexico

Amanda + Adrian – Destination Tulum Mexico

I first met Amanda when she stood up as a bridesmaid for a good friend of hers for another client. Her and Adrian loved my images and my approach to photographing a wedding. We met a few months after and our personalities clicked – which is a big deal for a destination wedding – and we discussed all the details her and her wedding planner were making for a November wedding in Tulum, Mexico.

The first day after I arrived, we met with their wedding planner to scout out locations and to understand the timing of the day and figure out how much time we would need at each location.

The wedding day finally came with zero chance of precipitation so I knew we would be able to utilize every spot we scouted.

Amanda and Adrian both agreed to have their first reveal by themselves to keep the intimacy. The location couldn’t been better.

Throughout the day we stopped at a few different locations heading towards Tulum which was about an hour from our Barcelo Resort Coming into the twilight hour and finally arriving to Mia Restaurant and Beach Resort. The timing of the ceremony was perfect. Family images were shot upon the sunset soaked beach and everything perfect….till the ginormous rain cloud came right as dinner was going to be served outside. Thankfully Nemo Sierra, their wedding planner had a plan B and we moved into the restaurant for dinner.

By the time dinner was over the rain had stopped and the dancing commenced on the beach. The day was absolutely beautiful even with the hour and a half of rain.

Here are some of my favourites from such an amazing wedding of two of most down to earth people you could met.

Enjoy, Cheers


2018 Year in Review

2018 Year in Review

2018 has been a different year professionally for me. My weddings slowed down a bit but my commercial work increased, which you can view here (soon). On the personal side of things a lot of growth has come with much more on the horizon. First year in many I didn’t get a chance to head east to my beloved Cape Breton; you were dearly missed!

Got to shoot some fabulous engagements of an amazing couple, Natasha and Nishant, back in my (kinda) hometown of Ottawa on THE hottest day of the year! And I finished off my wedding calendar with a destination to Mexico with two beautiful souls Amanda and Adrian.

Here are some of my favourites from all the highlights I shared with the world this 2018. Hope you enjoy. If your recently engaged or know someone who is – have them contact me for a highly experienced, fun loving energetic photographer – ME!

Cheers to 2019!    Trevor


Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada

Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada

I finally had the opportunity to get back to one of Canada’s most iconic locations of this great giant nation. In my mind THE most iconic. Peggys Cove! Just south east of Halifax, the drive takes about 45-50 min down a very picturesque road.

I flew to Halifax on my way to Cape Breton for a wedding a few days later and decided to jump on the chance to see my favourite lighthouse. Arriving to the tiny community around 3 in the afternoon where the lighthouse sits majestically on top of some giant barren exposed rocks I found my parking spot for the day and grabbed my camera. My plan was to spend the afternoon photographing the lighthouse and her community, enjoy some fresh mussels for dinner and catch the sunset. Thankfully the weather was absolutely amazing for it all to come together.

While sitting down about to enjoy those fresh mussels an old friend from Windsor saw on facebook I was there and mentioned he now lives 30 min away with his wife and family. Calum (McPhee) was flying home from his work out west and graciously offer me to stay there instead of me driving to Cape Breton that evening. I jumped at the offer as the thought of driving 3.5 hours on the trans-Canada at night wasn’t really appealing compared to 30 min up the road.

By the time the sun was almost on the horizon the amount of people had tripled along with the amount of tripods. I found my location(s) where I thought was the best angle, just due west of the lighthouse on a low outcropping of exposed rocks. Thankfully there wasn’t the amount of people like there was on the main rocks as myself and just one other photographer from the UK enjoyed this pristine spot.

That other photographer did take a huge chance venturing onto some of the (not so safe) black rocks to grab another angle. Which you can see in one of my photos. Shaking my head my thoughts went back to a young fellow from my home town of Smiths Falls, ON how just a few months prior got hit by a rogue wave while on some of these black rocks and was swept away. Very sad. Even worse is that he was never found. There are warning signs saying not to go onto these black rocks for the potential of getting swept away by one of these waves is good. Yet all day I saw people from all walks of life, all age groups doing just that and taking that huge risk.

It was a beautiful day, beautiful location, beautiful sunset. If you ever have the chance to see this part of our great country of Canada, don’t hesitate. Go see it! And I recommend the fresh mussels!

Cheers, Trevor


Mt Kilimanjaro – Day 3

Mt Kilimanjaro – Day 3

Our third day of hiking started off with a sunrise everyone should see once in their lifetime. High above the clouds, the air was crisp and our muscles sore.

Our altitude gain was the highest before our push to the summit on the evening of Day 5. we went to just over 4600m which was at the Lava Tower. This was our longest “day” at 8 hours of hiking to our next camp. A few of the team were feeling rough as the altitude gain was affecting them hard. But thankfully we dropped back down 3900m. Which we all benefited from.

This was the longest in distance we hiked with the weather changing constantly ending in a beautiful sunset on the summit of Kili.

DAY 3; Machame Route, 4600m (approx) highest – 3900m at camp, 8.5 hrs of hiking

Mt Kilimnajaro – Day 2

Mt Kilimnajaro – Day 2

The second day was fairly short in terms of only hiking 4-5 hours to next camp. We gained only a few hundred meters and got into camp relatively early. Which was nice for a couple reasons – to chill, relax and re-energize our mind and body for the tomorrows 8-9 hour day and to enjoy the view!

DAY 2; Machame Route, 3200m (approx), 5hrs of hiking


The start of my epic climb to the top of Afirca’s highest mountian – Mt Kilimanjaro

The start of my epic climb to the top of Afirca’s highest mountian – Mt Kilimanjaro

Its been forever since I’ve blogged. Reason is my work load has been the biggest since the beginning of my business, was training 5+ times a week, being a dad and trying to find some sort of social life and sleeping when I could.

This past year has been an amazing journey with a fantastic group of people. Training, raising money and becoming great friends were the highlights just like these next few posts I will get up in the coming weeks.

I could write a ton more about the lead up to the climb. I could write pages on the climb itself…how it was the most difficult physical and mental and emotional thing I have put my mind, body and spirit too. I could write about the great weather we had, the amazing porters who carried our equipment, the darn good food we had on the mountain and the amazing team spirit my fellow climbers had the entire trip.

But I won’t – as I’m not the best writer but I think I can safely say I captured the essence of our hike in the photos taken – all 40000+ images!

It was a struggle to sift through them all (half coming from my GoPro I had attached to my chest) but I narrowed it down to hopefully tell a good story of what and how we did it!

This being the first blog of the series – here are some details…

DAY 1; Machame Route, 2800m (approx), 5hrs of hiking

Orgeon coast…

Orgeon coast…

Here are some of my favourites from my trip to Oregon.

If you would like to purchase any of these, please contact me directly for sizing and prices!


Travel photos…penguins

Throughtout time to time, I will be posting some of my favourite pix that I have taken in my travels. Most of these will be from the days worked abroad for Princess Cruises with some from more recent travels like last year in Peru.
Today I’ll start off with some of my favourite birds in the world. The penguin! I had a chance to visit a king penguin colony not once but twice in the Falkland Islands back in 1998. Wow how time flies. If I ever get a chance to get to that part of the world again I won’t hesitate!
I wrote an artcile for the “DRIVE” magazine. The article can be read here. As always comments are much appreciated!