Annalisa + Leo – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer

Annalisa + Leo – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer

Annalisa + Leo – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer

“Well… once upon a time my sister-in-law posted some pictures on Facebook of myself (Leo) and my niece Carmela .  Annalisa saw those pictures and clicked like to them.  So my sister-in-law Toula mentioned it to my brother and he was like tell Leo about it! So she did and I decided to add her as a friend.  So I started chatting with her a little and asked out to coffee.  She said no, so I waited a bit and asked again.  She said no.  Being very persistent, I asked one last time and she said YES!  And the rest is history!!”

“I had the night all planned out….
I had asked her to check her schedule and make sure she had the Saturday (August 8/2015)off.  Then I made reservations at Tuscana Restaurant.  I had spoken to Jordan the manager there and explained to him that I was going to propose to my girlfriend and told him how I wanted the night to go.  Now normally when we go out to dinner we never make it to desert because were to full, so that night I made sure to tell her to save room for desert because I wanted to get something.  After we ordered drinks , I got up to use the bathroom and gave Jordon the Ring.  We had dinner and everything was going great, drinks were flowing….desert was ordered.  Jordon brought out the desert himself with the ring on the plate, I slipped out of my chair, dropped to one knee and proposed.  The whole restaurant cheered for us !! it was awesome!!”

Wedding Venue –  Canadian Club Brand Center
Florist –  I&F Design
Bridal Salon –  Palazzo Moda
DJs – Celebrity Music
Videographer – Celebrity Music
Invitation/Paper goods –  Elizabeth R Fine Stationery
Hair Stylist/Salon –  B Squared Hair Studio – Mary Cozzetto
Make-up Artists –  Kes Beauty & Imagination
Caterers – Giovanni Caboto Club
Wedding cake – Italian Bakery
Desserts –  Italian Bakery
Jewelry –  Joseph Anthony
Bands – Ciao Band
Officiants –  Gloria Stacey ( Royal Wedding Gardens)
Favors – Borrelli Cellars
Transportation –  Royal Limousine
Menswear – Moores
Lighting –  Dream Weddings by Veve
Decorator – Dream Weddings by Veve
Shoes – Ellie Wren Custom Wedding Shoes

Congrats to Annalisa + Leo.

Cheers, Trevor

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