Gillian + Andrew – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer

Gillian + Andrew – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer

Gillian + Andrew – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer

I love first looks. Gillian and Andrew decided to do a first look at Fort Malden in the quaint town of Amherstburg, ON. If you haven’t been to Fort Malden I do highly recommend a visit. This place was perfect for a first look. We arrived with plenty of time for me to set Andrew in a great spot for Gillian to walk up, touch his shoulder. It was a great moment that they will never forget. The rain held off for us till after we left for the reception at Sprucewood Shores Winery. With luck on our side the sun poked out 5 minutes before sun down. Couldn’t have asked for a better day.

A little story on Gillian and Andrew’s proposal…Andrew proposed on Christopher’s Cove in Newfoundland.  Christopher’s Cove is a small piece of land that Andrew’s family has owned for many years.  We were visiting Newfoundland for a family reunion.  Andrew took Gillian down to the beach on a sunny day and proposed.  We then got to share the news with the 50+ relatives who were waiting back at the cottage.

Congrats to you both, Gillian and Andrew!

Cheers, Trevor

Wedding Venue – Sprucewood Shores Winery
Florist – Cori Heer, CJH Florists
Bridal Salon – Rituals Salon, LaSalle
Wedding Planner – Jennifer Pomerleau, The Planning Lounge
DJs – Bigg Wiggle
Videographer –  Tyler Stenlund
Invitation/Paper goods – Judene, See You There Invitations
Hair Stylist/Salon – Brooke from Rituals Salon
Make-up Artists – Anita Deanne
Caterers – 3D Catering
Wedding cake – None
Desserts – Colisanti’s
Jewelry – JB Simpson Jewellers, London
Bands – Bigg Wiggle
Officiants – Father Brian Jane
Photo Booths – None
Favors – We’re making a donation to the Windsor-Essex Hospice (for Andrew) and the United Way (for Gillian).
Transportation – Butterfield Limo
Menswear – 67 Richmond
Guest Accommodations – Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn
Lighting – Gail’s Flowers and Event Decor
Decorator – Gail’s Flowers and Event Decor
Shoes – Aerosoles


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