Yvette + Derek – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer

Yvette + Derek – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer

Yvette + Derek – Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor Ontario based photographer

Yvette and Derek knew each other from back in the day so they never really had a first date so she admits.

Having an intimate ceremony at the Art Galley of Windsor was the perfect location for who they hoped would join them on their special day. The day was beautiful, sun shining, little breeze. Tug boat races on the river for Freedom Fest. Couldn’t have asked for a better day. Though there were a couple funny mishaps at the ceremony which you’ll have to ask them the details of.

All was enjoyed at Spago’s where their reception went off without a hitch. Laughter, good music, better food and dancing the night away. Perfect.

Here are some of those great moments throughout Yvette and Derek’s wedding day. Enjoy

Cheers, Trevor

Ceremony: Windsor Art Gallery.
Reception: Spagos Event Lounge
Florist – I&F Designs
Bridal Salon – It’s Your Day
DJs – Family Friend (Jim).  Pianist: Catherine LaPlant
Invitation/Paper goods –  Elizabeth R Fine Stationary & Gifts
Hair Stylist/Salon – Dry Parlour (howard location)
Make-up Artists – Richelle Wells
Wedding cake – Sweet Revenge
Jewelry – Swarovski
Officiants – Joe McParland
Favors – Sweet Revenge
Transportation – A Universal Limousine
Menswear – Montys Formal Wear
Decorator – Elegance by Design
Shoes – Aldo

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