Elaine + Patrick’s vintage wedding

Elaine + Patrick’s vintage wedding

Elaine + Patrick’s vintage wedding

Like I mentioned in my last post Elaine and Patrick needed some last minute decor for Saturday’s reception at the Kingsville Lakeside Park pavilion. I was amazed at the fine detail that Elaine herself had put into her own wedding.

From what I heard, she spent over two months before Sept 4th getting ever last little detail perfect for this “vintage” wedding. Every part of this wedding they did themselves. And when I say every part, I mean every part! (except the photography, that’s where I come in) I was amazed to know she found her dress at a thrift store in Detroit, had her sister make the bridesmaids dresses, bought every dish for the dinner and even found a tandem bicycle for their “ride” up to a pub for a drink after the ceremony.

The decorations/props where either handmade or found at thrift stores making the vintage theme ever more so present, that is why we made the stop the night before at the thrift store across from City Hall after the civil ceremony in search of ’50s style clocks and a old TV. Most of the props where used for a themed area that guests could come up and take a Polaroid’s for a book or album they were going to put together later.

With a old jukebox kicking tunes in the background, family making their “famous” dishes, and the bartender whipping up the drink of the hour – smiles and laughter could not be contained!

Thanks again for let me be a part of such a fun two days!

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  • Nicole October 11, 2010 at 6:10 pm

    AHAHAHA, LOVE the bridesmaids in the bathroom!
    What a romantic, vintage wedding – beautiful Trevor!

  • rhonda October 11, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    what a great job you did on this vintage wedding… Amazing! It was like I was really looking at old photos. Did you use a program for this ?

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