Sarah + Jeff – double the pleasure, double the fun!

Sarah + Jeff – double the pleasure, double the fun!

Sarah + Jeff – double the pleasure, double the fun!

Almost 2 years ago Sarah and Jeff booked me for their wedding, or should I say weddings.

On the evening of April 9th they had a small intimate ceremony at Freed Orman Centre at the Windsor University’s campus. The first 16 photos will reflect that evening.

Two days later, early Sunday morning I joined Sarah and Jeff on a flight to Mexico. We stayed at the Rui Playacar near Playa Del Carmen, just south of Cancun. The day we arrived was absolutely the weather we hoped for! Sunny and in the high 20’s. Little did we know that this day would be the last (for the most part) of the sun for the week. Of course till the day we left!

Wednesday was the day of the ceremony, which got changed from the beach to the garden to the chapel at the Rui Palace Mexico which was next door. The rain at times came down so hard we didn’t know if it would take us away or not?! Eventually the rain eased and after the ceremony we vented out into the Palace’s gardens where there was a fab gazebo that sheltered Sarah, Jeff and myself from the constant drizzle.

Leaving the Palace we ventured over to the Rui Tequila across the street and see what photos we could find.

Venturing back to our own hotel, the Playacar, the rain held off for just enough time to scurry onto the beach and get our feet wet. As if they weren’t wet enough! From the beach I escorted the newlyweds to the restaurant were the group of guests enjoyed a fabulous dinner!

The following day I ventured 40 km’s south to another hotel where Sarah and Rick said their “I do’s”…but that’s another post!

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  • Kelly April 30, 2010 at 11:39 pm

    WOW!! What BEAUTIFUL pics in Mexico. You are a creative photographer. You have done a few weddings, we have done flowers for. I did the flower bouquets for Sarah & Jeff for their first wedding at home. They were great couple to work with.
    Kelly at OAKFARMS The Flower Outlet, Leamington

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