Isn’t this little girl the cutest thing….
A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to photograph the daughter of a previous couple who got married back in 2007.

I ran into Robin, Molly’s mom, while taking my son swimming and she asked if I photographed children. I do! Though I don’t have any fancy backgrounds, props or set-ups. I do however, go to the location of your choice, which is normally your own home, and set up my white or black background and photograph. I always suggest adding a personal touch such as a favourite blanket, toy, hat or even the family dog. Whatever you would like. Something to make it more personal and memorable.

These are some of my favourites from Molly’s first official pro shoot…I’m sure there will be many more. She’s just too darn cute not too!

Contact me directly for rates. As always – a disc is included of all the photos taken once they are fully edited to my high standard.

Enjoy and as always, keep smiling!

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